Krótka historia kultu Mao Zedonga – wybrane elementy podtrzymywania politycznej legendy Wielkiego Sternika w Chinach

Natalia Lubińska


A short history of the Mao Zedong cult – selected elements involved in the maintenance of the political legend of the Great Helmsman in China

The annual celebration of various anniversaries related to the history of the Chinese Communist Party and its leaders regularly recalls the controversial theme of the heritage of communism and the legacy of Mao Zedong in China. On many of these occasions, the question of the need for “Father of the Nation” worship in the Middle Kingdom arises. One answer is to preserve the memory of the President and his achievements in order to make the younger generation aware of how long the party founders had to travel on the long road to make China an international power again. This article presents selected elements of social and political life in China associated with important party anniversaries that are used to uphold the legend of Mao Zedong in his homeland. The character of the ceremony that is discussed relates to the anniversary of Mao’s birth, the commemoration of his leadership in the ideology of political and business leaders, and Mao’s legacy in terms of tourism. The interest of the Chairman in collecting artifacts and in film was also discussed. This article is the second part of a two-part article dedicated to the leader.