Cyfrowy Jedwabny Szlak i wzrastające znaczenie Chińskiej Republiki Ludowej w rywalizacji o technologiczne przywództwo na świecie

Paula Tomaszewska


The Digital Silk Road and the growing significance of the People’s Republic of China in the competition over technological supremacy in the world

Over the past few years, many scientists have analyzed China’s Belt and Road Initiative, but very few have studied a significant component of this initiative – the Digital Silk Road (DSR). Although the attention regarding the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative is focused mainly on the implementation of international transport infrastructure projects, such as roads, railways or ports, it seems important to pay attention to the technological component of this project. The main goal of the article is to present the most comprehensive information possible on the Digital Silk Road and to investigate Chinese activities in this area. It should be emphasized that the early stage of development, namely the planning of the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the Digital Silk Road, raises many scientific questions, such as: what is the Digital Silk Road? What actions have been taken to implement it? What challenges and threats can it generate? Will the Digital Silk Road contribute to an even greater exposure – the technological, growing role of China in the world? Undoubtedly, the Digital Silk Road, which is a platform promoting the development of digital connections between the countries participating in the initiative, can help spread Chinese digital “inventions – products.” In addition, it may contribute to facilitating the economic and social development of the countries along the initiative, thus improving the level of economic development of the beneficiary countries and generating new international competitive advantages. The Digital Silk Road is an inherent requirement for building China’s digital power in the world, and therefore a current and very important research area. The work on this article uses desk research on the changing position of the People’s Republic of China in the competition for technological leadership in the world, as well as the consequences it entails.