Obsługa celna i wprowadzanie towarów do obrotu na jednolitym rynku Unii Europejskiej – wybrane aspekty z punktu widzenia bezpieczeństwa obrotu towarowego

Małgorzata Czermińska


All goods which crossed the customs border of the European Union and were approved for marketing can circulate freely within the common market. Therefore, it is important to ensure the safety of cross-border movement of goods and the control at the borders, as well as the cooperation of customs administrations in the Community to prevent, detect, and prosecute violations of customs regulations. The main aim of this article is to demonstrate the rules of the introduction of goods and customs service to the single market of the European Union. Particular attention was paid to the directions of changes taking place in this field as well as to the actions taken under the single European market undertaken both to ensure the safety and to facilitate and accelerate the trade, by simplifying and reducing the formalities for customs clearance. These actions are the result of changes taking place in the practice of international trade, aiming towards the implementation of a fully automated electronic environment while ensuring the security of trade deals and commodity turnover, protection from the risks of globalization processes, such as, among others, protection against the influx of goods infringing intellectual property rights.

Słowa kluczowe: the customs service, common market, the freedom of products flow, safety of crossborder movement of goods