Finansyzacja w gospodarce światowej

Eugeniusz Gostomski


This paper aims to present the essence of financialization and outline the main problems associated with the intensification of this phenomenon in the world economy. Financialization, understood as the dominance of the financial sector over the real sector, which is most evident in the United States, was one of the major causes of the global financial crisis. Basing his analysis on Polish and foreign literature and statistical data, the author presents the main causes, intensity, and consequences of financialization in developed countries. Special attention is paid to the negative consequences of financialization in the world. It is unlikely to stop the process of growing financialization. However, action in favor of greater regulation of financial markets, which could stabilize their functioning and protect the real economy from the painful effects of successive financial crises, should be taken.

Słowa kluczowe: financialisation, financial sector, real sector, financial markets