Usługi płatnicze banków – polecenia przelewu

Danuta Marciniak-Neider


The purpose of this paper is to present the conditions of realizing of credit transfers in European Union and fast credit transfers – Express ELIXIR – in Poland. This article presents main rules of Payment Services Directive (PSD) which was implemented to Polish law in 2011, benefits for bank customers regarding the transparency of conditions for cross-border in European Economic Area and internal credit transfers, and the maximum time taken to execute these transfers. It also presents the analysis of the innovative bank’s payment services in Poland – real-time credit transfer service called Express ELIXIR. This system was introduced in June 2012 by The National Clearing House (KIR). By March 2014 eight banks in Poland were offering this service. The main conclusions are as follows: Single European Payment Area – self-regulation of banking sector, European Union directives and regulations introduced in 1997–2014 – have ensured transparency for consumers and fee and execution time reduction of credit transfers in European Economic Area. In Poland, KIR has been systematically developing its services. In 2012 it has introduced Express ELIXIR – the system which enables clearing immediate payments. Research method applied include the analysis of scientific papers, European legislation, and statistical data.

Słowa kluczowe: Payment service directive, credit transfer, SEPA, Express ELIXIR