Dylematy badań nad internacjonalizacją przedsiębiorstwa

Ewa Mińska-Struzik,

Wanda Nowara


The increasingly frequent non-linearity of internationalization processes of modern enterprises, manifesting itself in skipping certain stages of internationalization, externalization of selected activities, temporary withdrawal of certain markets, etc., lead to the situation in which the number of possible trajectories of internationalization increases, and thus the explanatory power of existing theoretical models weakens. The purpose of the article is the evaluation of theoretical achievements regarding specific moves in the internationalization processes (such as de-internationalization, re-internationalization, or establishing quasi-hierarchical relationships) and the indication of interdependences and problems, necessary to consider while formulating new theoretical proposals and measures of internationalization. The study draws on results of an in-depth critical literature review.

Słowa kluczowe: internationalization processes, de-internationalization, re-internationalization, quasi- -hierarchical linkages