Interdyscyplinarność współczesnej teorii przedsiębiorstwa – implikacje dla strategii konkurencyjności w dobie globalizacji

Magdalena Rosińska-Bukowska


The purpose of this article is to present the necessary modifications in the competitive strategies of companies operating in the dynamically changing environment as well as to demonstrate that it requires taking into account the recommendations resulting from the interdisciplinary nature of the modern theory of the firm. Analyses were based on studies of suggestions for companies in the global and knowledge-based economy. Research indicates that contemporary companies should base their business models on multi-layered economic and intellectual capital which would enable them to connect global and local perspectives, thus allowing them to create a internal and external and institutional and behavioral systemic competitiveness. This article is divided into three parts. The first one presents sources of contemporary interdisciplinary theory of company, the essence of alternatives theory. The second one presents the evolution of the concept of enterprises’ competitiveness under the influence of changes in the global economy. The third part discusses recommendations of changes in the strategies of the competitiveness of enterprises in the globalization age.

Słowa kluczowe: theory of enterprise, competitiveness, globalization, stakeholders