Związek między innowacyjnością a konkurencyjnością międzynarodową przedsiębiorstw. Analiza porównawcza dla Czech, Polski i Węgier

Małgorzata Stefania Lewandowska


The relationship between innovation and international competitiveness is widely discussed in the literature. The focus of this paper is on analysing the relationship between the introduction of product, process, marketing and organizational innovation, and export of firms in Czech Republic (N=1824), Hungary (N=964), and Poland (N=2795). Reverse causality – the effect of export on firm’s innovation performance – is also investigated. The survey is based on data from Community Innovation Survey (CIS) questionnaire. Chi-squared test with column proportions and the Bonferroni correction was applied to verify statistically significant differences between firms from surveyed countries. The logistic regression models were construed to identify the relationship between each type of innovation and firm’s international sale’s orientation. A positive relation between innovation and export on all foreign target markets for firms in the three surveyed countries has been revealed. The influence of firm’s export on innovativeness is weaker.

Słowa kluczowe: innovation, export, international competitiveness, CIS