Otwarta innowacja a internacjonalizacja działalnooeci badawczo-rozwojowej współczesnych przedsiębiorstw

Anna Odrobina


Research and development activity of the contemporary enterprises is characterized by two processes: dynamic development of the R&D internationalization process and open innovation model of performing innovations. In this article the Author takes on an attempt to identify the relations and interactions between these phenomena. The performed analyses shows that implementation of the open innovation by multinationals is the factor which stimulates the R&D internationalization process because of the possibility of obtaining external sources of innovations from global economy. Realizing the open innovation model, corporations internationalize the R&D by both locating their R&D units abroad and engaging in international research cooperation. In view of this, the internationalization of business R&D becomes the evident sequence of open innovation. On the other hand, the process of internationalization of the R&D may not stimulate open innovation. The asymmetry in knowledge and technology transfers caused by the orientation of the R&D units towards absorption of external sources creates a deficit in transfers from these subsidiaries to external parties in location country.

Słowa kluczowe: open innovation, R&D internationalization, multinationals, innovation process