Wpływ wizerunku Polski na konkurencyjność międzynarodową polskich przedsiębiorstw

Joanna Bednarz


The article concentrates on a presentation of the core of the country image and the country-of-origin effect as well as the influence of these elements on the building of the competitive advantage of business entities on foreign markets. The attention is focused on the example of Poland and Polish companies. The author tries to find out whether the image of Poland, as it is perceived abroad, may be a potentially problematic element in the expansion of Polish enterprises onto foreign markets. It seems that “Polishness” constitutes a rather neutral element of the export offer on the European market; some Polish enterprises even noticed a positive influence of the associations related to Poland. The author also submits a thesis that this rather disadvantageous perception of Poland and Poles based on the stereotypes rooted in the past is gradually improving. Upon writing this article, the results of surveys prepared by Polish institutions and universities as well as the results of an unpublished survey carried out by the author were used. Empirical research entitled “Foreign Expansion of Polish Foodstuff, Cosmetic, and Apparel Branches on German, Czech, Russian, and Ukrainian Markets” was carried out in Poland in the mid-2012.

Słowa kluczowe: Poland, country image, country-of-origin effect, internationalization, competitiveness