Micromultinational companies as examples of internationalization in the Internet economy

Sylwia Talar,

Joanna Kos-Łabędowicz


Steady development of technology, specifically of the Internet, fundamentally changed the conditions in which enterprises operate. Barriers for expansion abroad have been significantly lessened. One of the most important consequences of currently forming Internet-based economy is a process of reduction of the advantage the international corporations had over smaller, innovative companies that used modern information and communication technologies. Appearance and development of this kind of subjects – micromultinationals (mMNEs) – suggests a need to modify the traditionally used internationalization models. The aim of this paper is to analyse the workings of mMNEs in the Internet-based economy and to single out their most important characteristics, basing on the chosen examples. In order to fulfill this goal, an analysis of source texts was conducted, along with implementation of comparative analysis, deduction, and descriptive method. MMNEs are new, distinct entities that came into being as one of the consequences of market changes due to the emergence of Internet-based economy; their expansion poses a lot of challenges and needs further deep research.

Słowa kluczowe: micromultinationals, internationalization, Internet economy