Lessons to be drawn from the world financial crisis. Marx, Keynes, or Minsky? Who tells us the real story

Detlev Ehrig,

Uwe Staroske


Customer loyalty is of great significance to any company, because it is the loyal clients who allow the business to generate stable income. The matter of customer loyalty has been the object of scrutiny for scientists, marketing specialists, and promoters of other beliefs for some time already. It has seen diversification of theories and spiral development, thereby drawing in ever new elements, including the issue of electronic environment, which provides a broad range of possibilities for establishing circles of loyal clients. The objective of the article is to determine and analyse the factors which affect the attraction and retention of loyal customers by the means of electronic environment and electronic marketing activities. The authors employed quantitative and qualitative research methods: grouping, analyses, statistical methods, etc. The theoretical and methodological framework of the article is formed of scientific studies and publications, publications in mass media, and professional literature, as well as the statistical information from official sources and the information obtained as a result of the authors’ researches.

Słowa kluczowe: customer loyalty, business models, electronic marketing, e-marketing environment