International Business and Global Economy,2014, Tom 33

Redaktor naukowy: Katarzyna Bałandynowicz-Panfil
Rok wydania: 2014
Słowa kluczowe: globalization, horse industry, horse racing, Thoroughbred, hotels, environmental performance assessment systems, Poland, Lithuania, cooperation, driving forces, obstacles, customs, customs services, customs authority, simplification, flexibility, African countries, international trade, export structure, world prices, India, development, assistance, co-operation, external stability, current account deficit, international investment position, foreign trade, comparative advantage, international competitiveness, technological change, FDI inflows, crisis, Granger causality, customer loyalty, business models, electronic marketing, e-marketing environment, strategic groups, classification, large scale retailers, range of products, lean management, kaizen, standardization, visualization, multi-cultural mergers and acquisitions, M&Abenefits and risks, competitive position on the market, biggest global cases of M&A, micromultinationals, internationalization, Internet economy, expatriates, culture, culture shock, reverse culture shock, U-curve, competition, intercultural competence, multicultural environment, intercultural relations, foreign direct investment, cultural differences, international fair, targets for the participation, Polish exporters, customs control, e-customs services, authorised economic operator, inter-organizational relationships, transnational corporations, firm’s embeddedness, competitive advantage, international cooperation, success factors, Polish importers, country image, country-of-origin effect, competitiveness, open innovation, R&D internationalization, multinationals, innovation process, innovation, export, CIS, location advantage, developed countries, developing countries, enterprises with foreign capital, investment outlays, economic crisis, theory of enterprise, stakeholders, internationalization processes, de-internationalization, re-internationalization, quasi- -hierarchical linkages, transnational corporation, indices of internationalization, SME, government and EU policy for business enterprises, entrepreneurship, financial constraints, Payment service directive, credit transfer, SEPA, Express ELIXIR, China, emerging markets, stock market, market capitalization, market liquidity, international currency, emerging market economies, Germany, demographic, changes, public, finances, financialisation, financial sector, real sector, financial markets, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, agriculture, agri-food sector, trade liberalization, ASEAN countries, Global Trade Analysis Project, trilateral free trade agreement, Japan, Republic of Korea, crude, oil, financial, OPEC, economic integration, political federation, East African Community (EAC), international regional integration, customs union, the Eurasian Economic Community, Russian Federation, regionalism, transatlantic cooperation, business cycles, recession, SME sector, the customs service, common market, the freedom of products flow, safety of crossborder movement of goods, international migration, brain drain, brain loss, transnationalism, social integration JEL classification: P2, the structure of emigration, Baltic States, international tax competition, business taxes, Lithuania Klasyfikacja JEL:, food, food quality, quality schemes, European Union, EMU, euro adoption, long-term interest rate, convergence, euro, Polish economy, European Banking Union, Single Supervisory Mechanism, Single Resolution Mechanism, Single Bank Resolution Fund, Single Resolution Board, Eastern enlargement, empirical studies of trade, classification methods, global value chain (GVC), domestic value added in export, foreign value added in export, BITs, foreign direct investments, balance of payments transactions, other flows


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Evaluation of the external stability of Poland in the years 2000–2012

International Business and Global Economy, 2014, Tom 33, s. 675–686
Data publikacji online: 5 lutego 2015
DOI 10.4467/23539496IB.13.050.2435

The dynamics of development assistance in Asia – the case study of India

International Business and Global Economy, 2014, Tom 33, s. 687–699
Data publikacji online: 5 lutego 2015
DOI 10.4467/23539496IB.13.051.2436

New price relations in international trade and the tendencies in export development in Africa

International Business and Global Economy, 2014, Tom 33, s. 700–711
Data publikacji online: 5 lutego 2015
DOI 10.4467/23539496IB.13.052.2437

Polish customs authority in the process of improvement the quality of business services

International Business and Global Economy, 2014, Tom 33, s. 712–722
Data publikacji online: 5 lutego 2015
DOI 10.4467/23539496IB.13.053.2438

The system of factors affecting the intensity of Lithuanian-Polish cooperation

International Business and Global Economy, 2014, Tom 33, s. 723--742
Data publikacji online: 5 lutego 2015
DOI 10.4467/23539496ffi.13.054.2439

Environmental performance assessment systems in the hotel industry

International Business and Global Economy, 2014, Tom 33, s. 743–755
Data publikacji online: 5 lutego 2015
DOI 10.4467/23539496IB.13.055.2440

Historical and institutional determinants of Thoroughbred horse racing globalizations

International Business and Global Economy, 2014, Tom 33, s. 756–767
Data publikacji online: 5 lutego 2015
DOI 10.4467/23539496IB.13.056.2441