Specjalizacja Polski w eksporcie do Unii Europejskiej – produkty żywnościowe versus nieżywnościowe

Iwona Szczepaniak


The aim of the article is to assess the specialization of Polish exports to the European Union in terms of food and non-food products. The paper analyses the results of Polish foreign trade (intra-m EU and total) in food and non-food products in the years 2003–2014. Changes in the level of specialization in Polish exports to the EU were assessed on the basis of two indicators of international competitiveness: specialization indicator (SI) and trade coverage index (TC). That assessment was made for the sections covering food products (4 sections) and non-food products (17 sections). The analysis used global trade data from the WITS-Comtrade database and showed that in the period of Polish membership in the EU, Polish foreign trade in food products developed. Polish specialization in export of these products to the EU against non-food products increased as well. These phenomena indicate an improvement of competitiveness and a growing importance of Polish food sector to the national economy.

Słowa kluczowe: foreign trade, specialisation, competitiveness, food products