Unia Europejska a Nowy Jedwabny Szlak

Zdzisław W. Puślecki


European Union and New Silk Road

The main aim of the article is to present the European Union’s position on the New Silk Road (One Belt One Road – OBOR, or ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ – BRI) understood as a project launched by China and directed at both developed and developing countries in order to broaden its economic connections. The main method applied in this research was the scientific method, including institutional, comparative, documentation, and statistical methods. Additionally, the methods of deductive and inductive forecasting were also used. The research indicates that in the European Union, i.a.  Germany, there is much deliberation about the reaction to the Chinese investment plans. It has been noted that the ‘New Silk Road’ is not, as some seem to think, merely a sentimental memory, but an attempt to create an enormous system through which China wants to make its mark in the world. The Member States of the European Union fear that the aim of the new project is first and foremost to strengthen China’s influence on the global economy and its pursuit of satisfying only its own interests. It has been concluded that depending on the principles governing the project it will be either a cooperation, or a hegemony.

JEL classification: F63

Słowa kluczowe: Unia Europejska, Chiny, Nowy Jedwabny Szlak, rozwój ekonomiczny, geopolityczna kalkulacja / European Union, China, NewSilk Road, economic development, geopolitical calculation

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