Wpływ turystyki na gospodarkę Hiszpanii

Katarzyna Wysocka


The impact of tourism on the Spanish economy

The purpose of this article is to show the influence of tourism on the Spanish economy. The research method is the analysis of available statistical data collected by various organizations and institutions, including OECD, UNWTO and the European Union. The article is based on Polish literature and Spanish magazines and  publications. The theoretical basis of the work facilitates the analysis of collected empirical data. The article presents the relationship between tourism and the economic development of Spain. It is a collection of the most important information about the economic situation of the largest country in the Iberian Peninsula. The most up-to-date statistical data have been collected to assess the situation of the said economy. It is worth mentioning that Spain as a leading tourist reception area is constantly looking for innovations that can attract tourists. The professional life of many Spaniards depends mainly on the development of tourism, so they strive to meet  the expectations of the most demanding guests from around the world.

JEL classification: L83, Z32, R0

Słowa kluczowe: turystyka, Hiszpania, turysta / tourism, Spain, tourist

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