Czy Harry Potter uratował wskaźniki czytelnictwa w Polsce? Analiza stanu czytelnictwa młodzieży w województwie małopolskim na tle badań ogólnopolskich

Aldona Guzik


Did Harry Potter Save Reading Indicators in Poland? – Analysis of State of Reading in Małopolska Voivodshipon on a Basis of all-Polish Research
A library has become a natural basis for education starting from a primary school to an university. It supports knowledge, aff ects common education, takes part in a process of development of intellectual and emotional progress and broadens horizons of those who make use of it. Despite of the aims, society’s links with libraries are always connected with reading, which is generally comprehended as a social process to satisfy diff erent human needs. However, recently reading indicators have diminished in Poland, which results in asking a question: why is it so, and what should we do to fight it? In this article I am going to discuss statistic data connected with reading level in Poland and in Małopolska voivodship. Th en, I m going to show the most characteristic reading trends, and eventually I am going to present a few good practices used in libraries to encourage people, especially young ones, to read.

Słowa kluczowe: library, reading, reading indicators, reading trends, good practices