Hrabia profesor. Szkic z dziejów krakowskiego konserwatyzmu

Stanisław Grodziski


The article is based on the source that has hitherto not been exploited. The source which is a fragment of the diary that was taken down by professor Stanisław Tarnowski. The fragment covers the years 1846–1873 and makes up so called Dzików Chronicle that had survived the fi re that broke out in Dzików in 1927. It functions as a supplement to the biography of this eminent scholar whose research was focused on the history of Polish literature.
The described developments as seen by the representative of big landowners, were juxtaposed with another known diary, that written by Jan Słomka, a peasant who was the inhabitant of the aforementioned Dzików. What is interesting is the comparison on opinions of two individuals: the one who was the inhabitant of the Palace and the other who was his subject and who lived in the village that belonged to the Palace. The comparison in question referred to the developments of 1846, 1848 and 1863. In a lot of details the opinion uttered by the two coincided. The present contribution is therefore a slight supplement to the history of conservatism in Galicia.

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