Funkcja marszałka sejmikowego w II połowie XVII w.

Jarosław Stolicki



The paper discusses the function of the Seymik Marshall (which was equivalent to the English Speaker) under the reigns of Kings Michał Korybut and Jan III. The author based his analysis on the examples of assemblies convened to debate at Volhynia. The function of tha Marshall of the Seymik came to being after 1572. The significance of this function grew in the course of time but in the discussed period there was no enlargement of the Marshall’s competence despite the phenomenon of “limita” which appeared at that time. In these Seymik sources in which we find more detailed entries there may be encountered the information on both the function of Director and Marshall. The Director was the top-positioned officer of the voivodship. He commenced the debates and suggested who might be the candidate for the position of the Marshall. The Marshall presided over the Seymik. This activity was sometimes referred to as exercising the Directoriate. The formulas that were used on such occasions were, however, not always precise. Therefore, sometimes the Marshall was referred to as the Director. The difference between these two names is not detectable in the material referring to other Seymiks of the Polonia Minor.

Słowa kluczowe: local representative assembly, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, nobility, marshal of representative assembly, Podole, Volhynian Voivodeship

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