Political and Administrative System of Waldstein´s Lands

Marek Starý


Political and Administrative System of Waldstein´s Lands

The aim of this paper is to identify and describe basic mutual and different political and administrative characteristics of the lands under the rule of imperial generalissimo Albrecht of Waldstein. This man of Europian importance created in the twenties of the 17th century the Duchy of Frýdlant in north-eastern part of Bohemian Kingdom, moreover he became the ruler of German Duchy of Mecklenburg, as well as Emperor´s vassal in two Silesian Principalities, Sagan (1627) and Glogow (1632). It is quite interesting to learn about his arrangements in individual domains and to see, how some general principles of his reign were combined with specific steps proceeded from older particular traditions. It also shows undoubtedly, that Waldstein was really brilliant organiser, administrator and lawgiver who deserves intensive attention of legal history.

Słowa kluczowe: Albrecht of Waldstein (Wallenstein), Thirty Years War, history of administration, Silesia, Bohemian Kingdom, rein on the absolutistic foundations, Duchy of Friedland, Duchy of Glogow, Principality of Sagan

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