X Ogólnopolskie Sympozjum Prawa Wyznaniowego, „Polityka wyznaniowa a prawo III Rzeczpospolitej”, Myczków–Polańczyk, 23–25 kwietnia 2013 roku

Marek Strzała


X Congress of Religion Law, “Religion Politics and Law of the Poland after 1989”, Myczków–Polańczyk, 23rd–25th of April 2013

On 23rd–25th of April 2013 in charming scenery of the Bieszczady Mountains in Myczków–Polańczyk it was held Xth Congress of Religion Law. Decade of organized each year congresses was an undeniable success of Polish Association of Religion Law. Celebrating  anniversary of first congress, it was natural to summarize the changes in Polish law on religion. Because major changes were made within transformation from communism to democratic state in 1989, main theme of the Congress was extended to almost 25 years of Republic of Poland. During the Congress in eight sessions academicians and people interested in religion law was giving lectures, presented their thoughts and concerns on development in the field of religion law and discuss changes in religion politics of the Polish state. There were given over 25 lectures concerning many aspects of law on religion, from controversial thesis “Why there shouldn’t be a religion politics?”, by religion in political parties’ agendas, aspects of kindergartens run by ecclesiastical organisations, to rules concerning legal personality of churches and comparative analysis (a.e. USA, RSA). In the debates special guests from French Republic took part – prof. Christine Mengès-Le Pape and prof. Philippe Nelidoff, who also gave lectures (respectively): Perspectives de comparaison: la politique confessionelle français et les projets d’ éducation and Le code français de la laïcité, which made this year’s Congress international.


Słowa kluczowe: X Ogólnopolskie Sympozjum Prawa Wyznaniowego, polityka wyznaniowa, prawo wyznaniowe w Polsce po 1989 r.

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