O kompleksach historyków i nowej, absolutnej niewiedzy: po co i jak uczyć prawników historii?

Iwona Barwicka-Tylek,

Jacek Malczewski


On the Complexes of Historians, and on the New, Absolute Ignorance, or Why and How to Teach History in Law School

The article is a voice in the debate concerning the role of historical-legal subjects in the curriculum of legal studies. The authors argue that the declining popularity and attractiveness of those subjects largely results from inadequate understanding of the purpose and form of instruction. Instead of building the intellectual ethos of future lawyers they contribute to a new type of absolute ignorance. Referring to their own academic discipline, the history of political and legal thought, the authors outline a workable teaching model.

Słowa kluczowe: edukacja prawnicza, edukacja historyczno-prawna, historia prawa, historia myśli politycznej, metodologia.

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