Recenzja książki Anny Krochmal Archiwum historyczne eparchii przemyskiej, Warszawa–Przemyśl 2016, 620 ss.

Łukasz Gołaszewski


Review of Anna Krochmal’s Book Historical Archives of the Przemyśl Eparchy, Warszawa–Przemyśl 2016, 620 pp.

The review discusses and evaluates the book, which was written by Anna Krochmal and devoted to the historical archives of the Przemyśl eparchy which are deposited in the State Archives in Przemyśl, Poland. This book described the history of the eparchy, first as an Orthodox institution, and later as a Uniate one, along with its organs of government and structure. The author informs us about the chancery of the eparchy over the centuries especially its structure and methods of work. The contents of the records are also presented in the reviewed publication.

Słowa kluczowe: archiwistyka, Przemyśl, eparchia przemyska, Kościół unicki w Rzeczypospolitej, Kościół prawosławny w Rzeczypospolitej, system kancelaryjny , archival science, eparchy of Przemyśl, Ruthenian Uniate Church in the Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth, Ruthenian Orthodox Church in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, historical methods of office work