Dwudzieste piąte Forum Młodych Historyków Prawa “Identity, Citizenship, and Legal History”

Jakub Pokoj


The XXVth Annual Forum of Young Legal Historians “Identity, Citizenship, and Legal History”

The XXV Annual Forum of Young Legal Historians was organized by three Belgian universities: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Universitélibre de Bruxelles, and UniversitéSaint-Louis Bruxelles. It took place from 5th through 8th June, 2019. This years’forum concerned identity and citizenship, what was echoed in vast majority of the conference papers. The conference consisted of nearly 90 scholars representing more than 20 states, including non-European countries. As usual, the host country’s delegation presented the largest group of young legal historians. 6 speakers were representing the University of Warsaw, 3 Jagiellonian University, and 2 the University of Gdansk. The universities of Bialystok and Lodz, had one representative each during the Forum.

Słowa kluczowe: AYLH, konferencja, doroczne forum, Bruksela, historia prawa, historia państwa, conference, annual forum, Brussels, legal history, constitutional history

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