Studying Linguistics at the UK’s Universities

Natalya Bidyuk


The article deals with the problem of professional training of linguists at the UK’s universities. Based on the data accumulated by UCAS it has been calculated that recent trends in university admission campaigns during 2008-2016 prove gradual but stable increase in the number of applicants wishing to pursue career in Linguistics. The characteristic features of the organization of linguists’ professional training have been outlined. It has been indicated that professional training of linguists at the UK’s universities is mainly oriented toward humanities; undergraduate and postgraduate education in Linguistics offers a wide range of qualifications. It has been mentioned that Quality Assurance Agency has developed Subject Benchmark Statement for Linguistics (for bachelor’s degrees with honours), where one can find what can be expected of a graduate in the subject, in terms of what they might know, do and understand at the end of their studies. It has been noted that after graduation future specialists in linguistics are in demand in a wide variety of industries.

Słowa kluczowe: linguistics, professional training, Great Britain, syllabus, education

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