Prawda o kobiecie – feminizm i trywializacja w kobiecej prasie segmentu luksusowego w Polsce

Olivia Kłusek


The truth about a woman – feminism and trivialisation in women’s luxury press in Poland

The subject of the thesis is the issue of the trivialization of the concept of feminism in the segment of luxurious women’s press. As a starting point the author adopted the phenomenon of negotiating the meaning of feminism in the media. The thesis was investigated at an angle of feminist discourse (understood as a way of using the language) trivialisation in Poland. The aim of this study was to describe the indications of post feminist discourse forms: latte-feminism, pop-feminism and girl power and to detect the connection between them and a particular press title (‘Twój Styl’, ‘Wysokie Obcasy’, ‘Wysokie Obcasy Extra’ and ‘Cosmopolitan’). In the course of the thesis definitions of forms of post-feminism – previously unheard in academic work – were developed. The study was based on content analysis that showed the most important trends, used later to critical discourse analysis.

Słowa kluczowe: feminism, women’s press, girl power, pop feminism, latte feminism, luxury magazines segment, content analysis, discourse analysis, ‘Twój Styl’, ‘Wysokie Obcasy Extra’, ‘Wysokie Obcasy’, ‘Cosmopolitan'