Wirusy umysłu i koncepcja piątej władzy. Przegląd i analiza nowych zjawisk komunikacyjnych w Internecie

Magdalena Litman


Viruses of the mind and the concept of ‘the fifth power’. Analysis and review of new  communicational phenomena on the Internet

Review and analysis of viral phenomena on the Internet, which are explosive and attractive, and permanently penetrating the consciousness of the Internet users. The aim is also to present an original concept of ‘the fifth power’ in the hands of the internet, and the manifestations of the existence of that on the basis of collected materials. Case study analysis has been performed. A multitude of memetic phenomena in the network is huge, and the phenomenon of ‘the fifth power’ can be justified empirically through a thorough analysis of interesting phenomena taking place in the communications network. ‘The fifth power’ has an enormous firepower  and if properly used, it can be an effective tool.

Słowa kluczowe: memethics, viruses of the mind, the fifth power, the Internet, users, case studies