Spojrzenie na muzykę w słuchowisku okiem teoretyka, praktyka, muzyka

Paulina Wiernicka


Looking at music in radio plays as theoretician, practician, musician

The article deals with different approaches to the music in the radio. Other experiences and other knowledge is that of theorists, other of illustrators of music, and other of musicians involved in the recording or musicians-listeners. Three of the parts of article consist of theoretical aspects – music features in the radio set by the researchers of radio, practical aspects – defined on the basis of personal experience of an music illustrator Małgorzata Małaszko-Stasiewicz, and also regard of recipient-musician of undertaken subject of music and ways of implementing the functions of music in the radio.

Słowa kluczowe: radio, broadcast, radio play, sound, music, voice, musician, practice, theory, artistic forms of radio, radio drama, silence in the radio, music features, transcendent and immanent, program music and absolute, role of music, soundtrack.