Selfie – narcystyczne kreowanie wizerunku w Internecie czy nowoczesne pojęcie estetyki w fotografii?

Marta Demartin


Selfie – narcissistic creating of image in the Internet or modern concept of aesthetics in photography?

The subject of this thesis is the issue of a selfie in a photographic and sociological-cultural concept. Authoress is searching to find the answer for two main questions: to what degree does the selfie follow the rules of good photography and the correct photographic portrait. What is the phenomenon of a selfie – a new trend in photography or a substitute to culture. The article deals with the following important matters, such as: creating an image, media culture, the Internet and aesthetics in photography. Theoretical contemplations are complemented by an analysis of fourteen selfies grouped into seven categories of public services (the article presents seven photos only), which leads to a critical conclusion that selfie can’t be considered a new trend in the framework of aesthetics in photography.

Słowa kluczowe: selfie, autoprezentacja, wizerunek, narcyzm, homo narcissus