Medialne narracje tożsamościowe i stosunek do Innego – problem społeczny i dylemat badawczy

Małgorzata Lisowska-Magdziarz


The “identity media” narrative and the attitudes towards the Other. The social dilemma and the research problem

The concept of the so-called identity media does change the role and obligations of the journalism in democracy, and proposes the closed-off version of patriotism as the opposition to the multicultural world. It also imposes the defensive, distrustful attitude towards the Other. Different iterations of this concept make it the dangerous social phenomenon, but also constitute the interesting research problem. The role of this short article is the introduction to ensuing three bigger publications, dealing with the issue from different points of view.

Słowa kluczowe: tożsamość, esencjalizm, media tożsamościowe, ksenofobia, patriotyzm

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