Doktor Jan Roch Raum w świetle dokumentów z zasobu Archiwum Państwowego w Warszawie

Magdalena Masłowska


Doctor Jan Roch Raum – in the light of documents in the asset of the State Archive in Warsaw

Doctor Jan Roch Raum (1854–1918) was a surgeon from Warsaw who most of his professional life was associated with the Przemienienie Pańskie Hospital, where he was the Chief Physician. He left behind a small archival legacy, kept in the collection “Zbiór Jana Rauma”, 72/1275, 1859–1923. The analysis of these documents,  and others records of different provenance, is an attempt to present this figure from a different perspective than the official biographies. It allows to get to know his family, his career, and the bright and dark sides of the doctor’s life, like letters from grateful patients, complaints of the families of the victims of medical errors and the  course of disciplinary proceedings. These documents are also a great source for researching the history of the Przemienienie Pańskie Hospital in Warsaw.

Słowa kluczowe: szpital Przemienienia Pańskiego w Warszawie, Jan Roch Raum, chirurg, sprawa dyscyplinarna, zbiór rodzinny, spuścizna


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