Poczucie umiejscowienia kontroli a twórcze orientacje życiowe pedagogów specjalnych

Katarzyna Parys


Special Education Teachers’ Locus of Control and Creative Life Orientations

The main aim of this article is to attempt to determine the relationship between locus of control and creative orientations of life of special education teachers. The article presents the theoretical framework for the study. Discussed in detail the procedure for research and presented author’s project for the method of analyzing the results. The results confirmed the existence of a positive, though not very strong correlation between the creative life orientations of special education teachers and their internal locus of control, which means that restricting the freedom of the teacher can minimize the level of her/his creativity at work. The results of the research allowed to formulate practical conclusion for teaching, their implementation would help to strengthen the creative attitudes of special education teachers

Słowa kluczowe: poczucie umiejscowienia kontroli, twórcze orientacje życiowe, twórczość w edukacji, pedagog specjalny