Godność pedagoga specjalnego wobec polityki wprowadzania zmian w aktualnej rzeczywistości oświatowej

Katarzyna Plutecka


The dignity of the special educator to the policy changes in the current educational reality

In the article the author concerns the problem of threat dignity special educator in the current educational reality. The result of the reform of education in Poland are structural and organizational changes. The special educator is responsible for the preparation and gradual implementation of these changes. The teacher need to be more the professional, have directional and expertise, high level of professional competence and predisposition of his personality. Implementation of professional tasks require special educator reflection and thought-readiness to work with students with special educational needs. In the context of the above issues the author  analyzes the formation of personal dignity, the dignity of self-respect and dignity of the professional special educator.

Słowa kluczowe: pedagog specjalny, poczucie godności, godność