Nauczyciele szkoły integracyjnej wobec kształcenia dzieci z trudnościami emocjonalnymi i w zachowaniu

Urszula Bartnikowska,

Katarzyna Ćwikrynało,

Agnieszka Żyta


Integrative school teachers’ opinions about education of children with emotional and behavioral difficulties

The article presents the problem of teachers’ perception of education of children with emotional and behavioral difficulties / emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). The research was conducted among teachers (N = 90) working in schools with integrative classes (elementary school, middle school and high school). In the study a  iagnostic survey method was used. The aim of the study was to find out how teachers view the education of children with behavioral and emotional difficulties in mainstream and special classes, as well as whether they need support in teaching a child with this type of problems. The findings show a high degree of openness of teachers towards educating a student with EBD in an integrative / mainstream class as well as perceiving the positive effects of their education with typically developing students. The respondents were less supportive towards the idea of placing such students in special classes. Furthermore, they are open to acquiring knowledge and new skills that would contribute to a better education and care of a student with EBD.

Słowa kluczowe: zaburzenia zachowania, zaburzenia emocjonalne, szkoła integracyjna, postawy nauczycieli