Problematyka niepełnosprawności w telewizyjnych bajkach dla dzieci

Anna Majer,

Anna Nawrocka


Disability in TV cartoons for kids

The article presents the results of the analysis of TV cartoons for kids “Reksio” and “Clifford – the Big Red Dog”. The study was focused on the analysis of disability depicted in both films. The initial part of the article is a discussion about the importance of mass media as the important factor of socialization and education, including the researchers’ views on this particular aspect. The next part of the paper is a results section, where we report the findings of the analysis of the films “Reksio” and “Clifford – the Big Red Dog”, pointing out the ways disability plot is featured in children’s animated movie. Eventually, emphasizing the impact of children’s animated movie on socialization and education, the authors show how to use a performed results of the study in practice.

Słowa kluczowe: disability, media, fairy tales for children, socialization, education