Przestrzenna lokalizacja dźwięku u osób z niepełnosprawnością wzrokową

Adam Rosiński


Spatial localization of sound in visually disabled persons

In the article the author attempts to show a new possibilities of applying and exploiting the electroacoustic system at working with people with visual impairment. The text exemplifies how to employ electroacoustic system and specific auditory capabilities in everyday life of people with visual impairment. The problems undertaken in the study merely shape only a small part of a broader and multi-faced issue, referred either to sound experience or training the auditory assessment of the sound in people with visual impairments. The accurate schooling, employing specific auditory skills of the visually impaired, as well as the use of special electroacoustic system may increase safety in their everyday life, either in the open or closed spaces.

Słowa kluczowe: spatial localization of sound, blind people, hearing training, safety, electroacoustic systems