Więzienie w odbiorze młodzieży o niepełnej sprawności - rzeczywistość wyobrażeniowa

Sławomir Przybyliński,

Iwona Myśliwczyk


Prison as anticipated by youth with disabilities – an imaginary reality

The phenomenon of disability stems from the fact that depending on the perspective and its interpretation it can mean different things. In order to give disability a positive meaning, ablebodied people must learn about the world of the disabled. Undeniably, getting into the inner world of the disabled, makes able-bodied people understand disability itself and people who are disabled. It is significant to discover subjective meanings and interpretations of the disabled lives to notice the uniqueness of the interpretation of the world and everyday life. There is a chance that disabled people will be associated in a positive way and their voice will have a real influence on creating their social image. Taking into account the above, the article is on questions put to people with Aspergere syndrome about their views on penitentiary space in a broad sense and its different impressions.

Słowa kluczowe: disability, case study, Asperger syndrome, prison „impressions”