Badania ornamentów i deseni ze zbiorów Muzeum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego Collegium Maius przy użyciu metod krystalografii

Michał Duda,

Wiesław Łasocha


From a crystallographic point of view, issues that relate to symmetry are particularly important. The concept of symmetry is also important in other areas such as history, anthropology, cultural studies, visual arts and architecture. In this work, the symmetry of decorations from the Collegium Maius Museum of the Jagiellonian University was researched. Friezes, “wallpaper” patterns and single motifs were analysed. The symmetry of friezes vary greatly. With that said, among the “wallpaper” decorations, the patterns that contain the four-fold axis and the two-fold axis are especially common. Most of the examined single motifs can be grouped as having a symmetry of 2mm. For all tested decorations, an interesting feature is the lack of the three-fold axis as the axis of the highest fold, although in some cases the six-fold axis is present. Hence, when choosing additional designs for the examined exhibition, and striving to fully reflect the historical truth, it is important to not use decorations that have the three-fold axis as the axis of the highest fold. As it was shown in this publication, the methods of crystallography an alternative way can be used to characterize and classify ornaments and patterns.

Słowa kluczowe: ornamenty, krystalografia geometryczna, analiza symetrii

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