Elektroniczne bazy danych jako sposób ochrony dziedzictwa naukowego i technicznego na podstawie doświadczeń francuskich

Małgorzata Taborska


A digital database as a means of protecting scientific and technical heritage: The France case

National heritage embodies cultural and historic values as well as science and technology. Preservation, protection and popularisation of the data on scientific heritage is important not only from the angle of the development of national identity, but as an element of promoting science nationwide and abroad. The primary question is the preservation of the objects documenting this development, such as scientific tools, natural and medical preparations, chemical and pharmaceutical objects, as well as documents and photographs. The case of France is an excellent example to follow, especially when it comes to the concept and range of creating national digital databases. The Ministry of Culture (ASEISTE base and domain) and the Ministry of Science (PATSTEC base and domain) are involved at the organisational and financial level.

While creating Polish databases, it is necessary to adjust them to local conditions. Databases should be of informational, not register use, merging interdisciplinary data regarding objects retained in museums and institutes’ collections and used in test laboratories and didactics. It is crucial to work out the transparent terminology and ways of record indexation.

Słowa kluczowe: elektroniczne bazy danych, kolekcje muzealne, dziedzictwo techniczne, dziedzictwo naukowe , digital data base, museum collections, technical heritage, scientific heritage

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