Plany ścieżki muzealnej Uniwersytetu Medycznego we Wrocławiu

Dominika Pluta,

Magdalena Król,

Tadeusz Dobosz


Plans for the museum path of the Medical University in Wrocław

People have always been interested in discovering their past and seeking answers to their existential questions. Therefore institutions like museums, which collect exhibits related to the history and development of humans, have been known since antiquity. However, museology today has changed and is no longer confined to establishments related to popular fields like painting, sculpture and archaeology. Nowadays, there are also museums dedicated to medical sciences, which present the history of humanity in the sphere of its biological development. The Medical University in Wrocław can boast of several such establishments, although so far they have been treated as separate institutions. For this reason, the idea was created to combine them all into a single museum route, and to make it available to a broader visitor base. Thanks to this, people can view items from old and modern medicine practice located in many different sites, allowing them to deepen their knowledge and expand their interests. To make it easier for visitors to navigate through such a diverse complex, a special museum path has been created, along with a description of each location.

Słowa kluczowe: muzea medyczne, ścieżka muzealna, Uniwersytet Medyczny Wrocław / medical museums, museum path, Wrocław Medical University

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