Związki Jędrzeja Śniadeckiego z farmacją

Monika Urbanik


Jędrzej Śniadecki’s links with pharmacy

Jędrzej Śniadecki owed his first contact with pharmacy to Jan Andrzej Szaster (1746– 1793), a pharmacist from Kraków and the owner of a pharmacy called “Pod Słońcem” (“Under the Sun”), the first professor of pharmacy and medical matters in Poland. It took place during Śniadecki’s studies at the Principal School of the Realm in Kraków. He broadened his knowledge of medicinal products during his studies abroad. Upon his arrival in Vilnius in 1797, he became the head of the department of chemistry and pharmacy at Vilnius University, where he taught pharmacy in the years 1797– 1804. Handwritten texts of his lectures have been preserved in the Archive, thanks to which we can precisely understand their scope today. On behalf of the university, Jędrzej Śniadecki managed the transformation of the former Jesuit Pharmacy into the University Pharmacy.

Słowa kluczowe: Jędrzej Śniadecki, historia farmacji, historia chemii / Jędrzej Śniadecki, history of pharmacy, history of chemistry

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