Visual Propaganda in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan – Part 3.The land belongs to those who till it!

Mateusz M. Kłagisz


In this article, a single poster about the land reform carried out by the Peopleʼs Democratic Party of Afghanistan is discussed. The starting point for the project is the statement that persuasion is more effective than compulsion and that the Afghan communists did not find any formula to engage in effective dialogue with their society. The primary question is: what kind of communication and what sort of themes/motifs played a significant role in conveying revolutionary ideology aimed at a society where a majority, with political potential, could not read or write? The methodological basis of the project and article is R. Barthesʼs Rhetoric of the Image and the analysis is supplemented with other pictorial items (photographs, postage stamps) related to the land reform as well as literary pieces and scientific studies of this historical event.

Słowa kluczowe: poster, propaganda, peasant, land reform

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