The influence of COVID-19 on regional railway services in Italy and Poland

Jakub Taczanowski,

Arkadiusz Kołoś


The aim of the paper is to compare the scale of regional train cancellation in Italy and Poland in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic and to answer the question whether different approaches to public transport limitation can be observed at national and regional scales in different European countries. The article is a preliminary study and as such contains the first observations and initial conclusions. From the analysis it results that the influence of COVID-19 on regional railway transport in both Italy and Poland is strong but much different. In Italy the scale of cancellation is generally larger and so are the differences between the regions. In both analysed countries the lines which have turned out to be mostly affected by suspension are urban and suburban connections with dense train traffic. It would seem that in Italy exactly as in Poland the train cancellations are more the result of the character of the operated rail system, the different approaches to regional rail transport and of the tendency to cut costs than of the actual epidemic situation in the regions.

Słowa kluczowe: rail transport, regional railways, Italy, Poland, COVID-19

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