Between Opportunity of Choice and Consciousness of Drama: Constructing a Space for Biographical Experiences in the Context Social Exclusion’s Dynamic

Joanna Żeromska-Charlińska


The aim of this study is an attempt to understand the functioning of women in roles, the dynamics of epiphanies and the actions taken within the limits of the temporal perspective, and to approximate the phenomenon of biographical identity construction, peculiarly the category of excluded. It is also an attempt at depiction and understanding of life situations, revealing the boundaries of real visibility, provoking the questions: How does a person construct himself and what meanings does the person give to expressions of everyday life? How does a person make his world? How does the trajectory determine the boundaries of a person’s experiences?

The article is the reflection on a biographic study I conducted, whose location in interpretive orientation creates the opportunity to learn the perspective of the participant. Reconstruction of the trajectory of the experiences process reveals three phases: on the edge, in between and outside. Individual life experience is an element of the person’s biographical knowledge, his biographical thinking and initiates the individual’s reflectiveness, indicating the essence of human forces in shaping his biographical experiences. Retrospective defining of the life situation in three interweaving aspects leads to taking control over a trajectory’s dynamics – apparent causative activity, kinematic attitude – the struggle for survival, and static attitude – nonegalitarian optics, demanding for normativity of a person’s functioning. peculiarly the category of excluded entity. 

Słowa kluczowe: biographical perspective, narration, traumatic experiences, trajectory, quality of everyday life

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