Sport jako metoda instytucjonalnej resocjalizacji niedostosowanych społecznie dziewcząt

Mirosław Mielczarek


Sports as a Method of Institutional Resocialization of Socially Adapted Girls

The purpose of the considerations taken in the article is to show sport as a method of social rehabilitation of underage girls in an institutional environment. This goal corresponds to the problem of research – or contained in the question of completeness: whether, and if so, to what extent and how can sport be a desirable method of educational work in the process of institutional resocialization of socially maladjusted girls? 71 female minors in a youth educational center took part in the study. The research was carried out using the diagnostic survey method, taking into account the survey technique and its proprietary questionnaire acting as a research tool. Based on the research, the hypothesis was adopted that in the process of institutional resocialization of socially maladapted girls, sport is a desirable method of educational work, because it enjoys great interest, enables the development of sport passions, helps to spend time pleasantly, and reduces stress. In addition, the facilities of the youth educational center for the organization of sports activities and the competences of the teaching staff in the opinion of socially maladjusted girls are sufficient. 

Słowa kluczowe: sport, juvenile resocialization, resocialization methodology, socially maladjusted youth, difficult youth

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