Działania wychowawczo-edukacyjne jako forma wsparcia aresztantów i aresztantek na terenie województwa krakowskiego w czasach II Rzeczypospolitej i ich aktualność we współczesnej readaptacji społecznej

Barbara Nowak


Educational Activities as a Form of Support for Detainees in the Areas of the Cracow Voivodeship during the Second Republic of Poland and their Topicality in Detainee Contemporary Social Readaptation

Between 1918 and 1939 detainees were a group of people particularly vulnerable to marginalisation and social exclusion, which also concerned members of their families. The situation was aggravated by the fact that convicted persons most often came from families experiencing poverty and deprivation, and criminal behaviour was often the result of a difficult life situation which they experienced both in family and social life. Particularly difficult was the situation of the then women- detainees, as well as a significant number of orphans, living on the streets of cities, living off begging, petty thefts or robberies. The only chance of changing their life situation were assistance activities in the area of upbringing and education, which gave them the opportunity not only to improve their morality but often changed their lives by gaining education, work, as well as housing. The actions taken in many cases also concerned the children of detainees, their upbringing and education. The initiators of support for the detainees and their families were primarily charitable activities carried out by associations, societies, religious fraternities, actions taken by the court, prison staff and school teachers. Many of these aid initiatives can be seen in contemporary actions involving support for detainees and their families. It is extremely interesting that the same methods of educational impact and educational support are applied in the changed social reality today. 

Słowa kluczowe: detainees, support, assistance activities, upbringing, education, poverty, the Archconfraternity of Mercy, St. Vincent á Paulo Association, Society for the Care of the Outcasts, Association of the Servants of St. Zita, Society of Cheap Housing, the Patronage (Society for the Care of Prisoners), lectures, talks about morality, social and educational work

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