Współczesne koncepcje oddziaływań resocjalizacyjnych wobec osób z zaawansowanymi przejawami zaburzeń w zachowaniu i niedostosowania społecznego

Małgorzata H. Kowalczyk


Contemporary Concepts of Social Rehabilitation Interactions with People with Advanced Manifestations of Behavioral Disorders and Social Maladjustment

The searching for effective ways of social rehabilitation interactions is based on diverse theoretical trends, which, however, cannot be equated with criminological theories. Models of social rehabilitation interactions refer to many theoretical currents differing methodologically and praxeologically. Behavioral, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, interdisciplinary or interactive concepts are listed among the most important trends. Also noteworthy are the models of corrective actions referring to the evidence based practice movement, examples of which may be the R-N-R and Good Life Model models. The purpose of this study is to characterize selected basic models of corrective interactions currently used in the process of social rehabilitation of people with behavioral disorders, socially maladjusted and perpetrators of crimes. Due to the theoretical nature of the study, a method of searching secondary sources was used. 

Słowa kluczowe: social maladjustment, behavioral disorders, behavioral direction, cognitive model, multidimensional direction, good life model

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