Kształtowanie polskiego systemu oświaty (lata 1960–1973) w kontekście założeń realnego socjalizmu

Mariusz Cichosz


The Creation of Polish Educational System (1960–1973) in the Context of Real Socialism

An important area of research for pedagogy is the area of patterns, including ideas, when it comes to the way of understanding man and broadly social relations. Different positions are adopted in this respect – sometimes significantly different. One of the reasons of such situation seems to be the close relation between pedagogy and ideology, the latter providing answers to questions similar, and at times identical, to the ones posed by pedagogy. However, due to the nature and specificity of ideological thinking and the rather extrarational manner of validation assumed in it, the question of admissibility of such connection arises. The analyses of such situations, which the Polish pedagogy had experienced, may prove very illuminating in thus delineated context. These concern the impact that real socialism had upon educational system of 1960–1973. Based on these experiences, questions arise: What were the effects of the inspirations drawn from socialist thought for the Polish pedagogy and what was their influence upon the institutional and systemic solutions adopted in the actual social life? The paper is an attempt at analysing that very issue. 

Słowa kluczowe: Socialism, Marxism, educational policy, socialist society, comprehensive system of education and upbringing

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