W stronę aksjologicznej neutralności i prób jednoznaczności. Od „wykolejenia” do „zaburzenia”, czyli o przemianach w kluczowych definicjach pedagogiki resocjalizacyjnej

Barbara Ostafińska-Molik


Towards an Axiological Neutrality and Unambiguity Tests. From ‘Deviation’ to ‘Disorder’, i.e. Changes in Key Definitions Rehabilitation Pedagogy

The purpose of the article is to attempt to synthetically present the changes in the use of the designates from the so-called group of descriptive terms in the literature: ‘difficult individuals’, i.e. synonyms and substitutes of ‘social maladjustment’ created on the grounds of Polish rehabilitation. It is an attempt to systematise knowledge around definitions that have grown into the language of pedagogy for the past seven decades. The article shows the axiological and ambiguous dimension of these definitions, considers the issue of the value of a word as a transmitter saturated with something more than just a letter-sign. The need to break away from unnecessary value in definitions seems to be very important in 21st century science. The advisability of organising the terms used is desirable and very necessary, especially for understanding the ideas and directions of development of the discipline. It is the concepts that allow for designing research and conducting diagnoses and descriptions. In this article the reader will be able to trace the changing definitions created by the elders of Polish rehabilitation and the ideas in which these definitions are rooted. 

Słowa kluczowe: axiology of concepts, elders of Polish rehabilitation, deviation, social maladjustment, behavioural disorders

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