Wirtualne sale i globalne sieci. Partycypacja w kulturze filmowej w kontekście pandemii

Tomasz Raczkowski


Virtual screens, global networks. Film culture participation in the wake of pandemic

The article discusses the subject of virtualization – the process of partial transmission significant discursive fields into the Internet – of the film culture, which is defined as the group of practices and discourses accompanying cinema, which connect it with the socio-cultural environment. According to the author, the virtualization process is specifically exposed during pandemics and social isolation, what is presented in the text from the perspective of film audience. Pandemic is treated here as liminoidal moment, in which, due to the disorder of cinema’s functioning, its social networks happen to transform in certain manner. By interpreting results of his own fieldwork, author points at general dynamics of virtualization as an element of contemporary film culture, highlighting both the possibilities opened by such situation and dangers it brings.

Słowa kluczowe: cinema, virtualization, film culture, locality, globalization

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